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April 16, 2014

Jacket: Sartoria Partenopea (thrift)

Shirt: Kamakura

Tie Brooks Brothers (thrift)

Square: Vintage (thrift)

Pants: Bill’s Khakis (sale)

Shoes: Meermin


Polished (at Viberg factory)

Buck Rogers Atomic Pistol ad.

"Oh! A lot of little wars around New York"

- Monk Eastman’s response to a military doctor after the latter observed all the knife and bullet scars on Eastman’s body.


Some hefty overcoats at work. The sharply suppressed waists and the full-cuts on display here are to die for. 


Some absolutely stunning early 1900s catalogue illustrations.


More scans from my personal collection of catalogues.
Here are pages from the 1920 catalogue of the department store P.U.B. in Stockholm, which used to focus more on tailoring.
You may click on the pictures, then right click and press “view image” in order to zoom and take a better look.

Vintage mens fashion illustrations:


Renault, Paris, 1934.